Hello! I am EmptySora_, the owner of this website, a streamer on Twitch, a programmer, etc. Among other things, my interests include: anime, manga, light novels, video games, and programming. If I were to list my favorite anime genres, they would include: fantasy (especially virtual/parallel world), and mystery. As for my favorite video game genres: mystery, rpg, rougelike, puzzle, and strategy. And since this paragraph does not have enough lists, here's another: some of my favorite franchises include: Danganronpa, Pokémon, Shin Megami Tensei, and more. Well, I guess that will do for basic information.

I mentioned in the previous section that I enjoy programming. I've probably programmed using more syntaxes and languages than I can count. To list a few, or rather, the ones I am decently proficient in: C, C++, C#, JavaScript (ECMAScript7), HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Ruby, Php, SQL, XML, XSD, SVG, HTTPRest. For the most part, I have constructed every component on this website, and every script used in SoraBot, the stream's bot. Pretty much, if there's not an attribution, then I programmed it myself. As for my programming quirks...well you could just view the page source, but...indentation: two spaces; brace style: "Allman" (braces on next line, at same indentation level as parent), if possible I remove braces when unnecessary; HTML/XHTML tag validity: I always close my tags, even when not required by HTML. You get the idea...I'm incredibly nit-picky with my formatting.
I do not have any degrees in computer programming, although I am going to college for such a degree. And well, as you may be able to see from the site's design, I'm getting the degree strictly for the sake of "getting the degree". In other words, I don't really need it other than to vouch for my programming skills, as stuck-up as that sounds.
At some point in time, I may start hosting some of my projects on this website, free to download, of course. If I had to put any licensing on them, I would use a simple attribution license. I would be overjoyed if others found my code to be helpful to them, so I don't really care about restricting it to non-commercial only. However, I would like to appear as an attribution, if you know what I mean. Personally, you don't have to, but doing so is really all the "thanks" I need.

Also, as mentioned prior, I stream on Twitch under the username EmptySora_. I enjoy playing videogames, and I enjoy people watching me play videogames, so I thought, "why not?". And...yeah, that's how that started. I say this frequently, but, my purpose for streaming is not to make a profit. Your general enjoyment of the stream is all the profit I will ever need. I do have a goal however of joining the Twitch Affiliate program for the sole purpose of enabling the video transcoding features (HERE under "Q. What are the differences between the Partner and Affiliate benefits? > Video Tools > Transcode"). If I can get that, I will be able to stream at a higher native resolution, without forcing those with lower bandwidths to be unable to watch, a win-win!